Elisa Siegmund | IceDanceTheater-Fusion

Elisa Siegmund founded the IceDanceTheater-Fusion project as a format in which ice
skating is understood exclusively as art. Here she explores her material: a moving body, ice
skates, the slippery floor and the very special space surrounding ice.
Dwindling resources, a life in flux, the search for balance and constantly changing grounds
determine and shape her artistic path.
In encounters with artists from different genres, she challenges common adventures of the
unpredictable and tells stories of togetherness in the field of tension between the lightness of
gliding and the heaviness of existing basic conditions.
Elisa received her education at the Palucca University of Dance, the Folkwang University of
the Arts, as well as further training in numerous dance studios in Berlin, Sydney and NYC,
among others.
Furthermore, she has many years of expertise in dance on ice with ice skates and has
worked in national and international dance, concert and ice show productions, including the
French company Trafic de Styles and their creation „GLACE!“.
She is one of the pioneers of contemporary dance on ice worldwide and is a co-founder of
the UNFREEZE Contemporary Ice Skating Festival Berlin and the Contemporary Skating
For her artistic practice she has been supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste,
Dachverband Tanz Deutschland, as a project partner by Nationales Performance Netz and
currently from the Zirkus ON creation program.