Marlon Barrios Solano

Marlon started meditating at the Village Zendo in NYC with Sensei Enkio O’hara in 1997 and shifted to practicing vipassana meditation at Insight Meditation Society in 2009. Since 2016, he […]

Lisa Gaden

Lisa lebt und arbeitet in Berlin – immer und überall auf leidenschaftlicher Bewegungssuche,- Findung und Erfindung. Nach einer dreijährigen Bühnentanzausbildung bei DANCEWORKS Berlin studierte sie zeitgenössischen Tanz am Anton Bruckner […]

Kazuma Glen Motomura

(Japan/ Zimbabwe) combines Street dance, contemporary dance, martial arts and comedy, he is known as bodypoet. He trained various street dances and contemporary dance under masters in NY and Japan, […]

Christian Wagner

Christian works in schools and kindergardens as self employed sports teacher. He is practicing the Brasilian martial art of Capoeira for 8 years.  Besides general movement classes for children in […]

Nicole Richter

About me- my name is Nicole Richter. I have been married for 17 years and we live with our three children in beautiful Rahnsdorf. I came to yoga 15 years […]