Unfinished Fridays Vol. 85 — 28 October, 19:30

Join us for our next monthly performance event. Featuring new works/excerpts by LAKE resident artists and special guests.

Oh Mother

Oh Mother by Leila Bakhtali Like an intimate devotion, Oh Mother explores our (forgotten) interconnectedness with nature->Mother Earth. Inspired by themes of separation and reconnecting, destroying and transformation, it draws […]


Artistic Direction and Production Management since 2013 Marcela Giesche (1983 – Mainz, Germany): Marcela graduated in 2006 with a BFA in Dance from Ohio State University and Codarts, Rotterdam. She […]

Mark Grunow

Design & Image Mark’s work moves between graphic, interior and product design. Simplicity and reduced function define his projects, underlined by craftsmanship, methodology and a pure aesthetic. His carpentry ‘Gesellenstück’ […]

Iria Arenas – Feb 2022

Freelance artist working in the field of performance, movement, and visual arts.

Claire Vivianne Sobbotke – Feb 2022

ON DISPLAY – NPN funded residency please begin here…

Sunia Asbach – Feb 2022

MADE IN BERLIN – Senat funded residency My name is Sunia Asbach and I brought my character ARNE and its habitat with me for the time at Lake Studios. I […]

Am Ertl – Feb 2022

MADE IN BERLIN – Senat funded residency hey! my name is Am Ertl. I work as dancer and am at the moment based in Berlin and Stockholm. i spent the […]

Jenna Taus – January 2022

Pauli Caldirola – Jan 2022

MADE IN BERLIN Residency – supported by Berlin Senat

Shai Faran – Jan 2022

I am writing this blog post after already finishing my residency at Lake Studio. i was hoping to write here while having the residency, but there is actually something nice […]

Sophia Grimani – Jan 2022

Bennington Student residency Hello! I am a senior at Bennington College studying dance and film and I’m at Lake Studios for a month-long self-led residency. Over the next month I […]

Azzie McCutcheon – Jan 2022

MADE IN BERLIN Residency – supported by Berlin Senat Azzie McCutcheon is a Berlin based dance artist interested in performance as transformation: a place for the sharing, exchanging, understanding and […]

Teoma Naccarato & John MacCallum · June – December 2021

Im/mediations is a performance-based project involving a series of one-on-one encounters online, as well as choreography for live-stream video that moves between stage and screen to explore experiences of being […]

Clarissa Rêgo December 2021

I grew up in Brazil, a huge country, with a colonial past and an extremely unequal society. I guess this condition influences how the body gains visibility in my work, […]

Johanna Ackva & Carrie McIlwain December 2021

As a continuation of previous collaborative works around feminity and its conception in western culture since Ancient Greece (Women and Watery Men, EARTHBOUND SQUATTERS, The Pile + the Pyre), this […]

Chartreuse (Colemxn Pester) December 2021

Chartreuse is a dancer/performer/artist based in Berlin. She is originally from Texas but spent much time on the West Coast in the US (San Francisco and Seattle) studying and making […]

György Jellinek & Massih Persaei · Pilotprojekt Oct/Nov 2021

György Jellinek I’m a Berlin based freelance artist working on the field of performing arts and film. I had the honour to work here in Lake Studios from 11.10.2021 to […]

Flávio Rodrigues Oct/Nov 2021

Laivos | Ante improvisos e ressonâncias + info: www.flaviorodrigues.info

Anna Castillo & Marti Cobera · Pilotprojekt Oct/Nov 2021

Hi everyone, my name is Anna Castillo. I am a choreographer and Flamenco dancer based between Berlin and Barcelona.  I had the privilege to grow up between Chile, USA, Germany and […]

Joni Barnard, Elisa Purfürst, Fergus Johnson, Azzie McCutcheon – Aug 2021

when we are 4 we are a mess… Residenzförderprogramm Pilotprojekt   We are a multi-directional, multi-talented group of queer creatures. We are excited by non-hierarchical and consensual approaches to communication […]

Emma Waltraud Howes – Aug 2021

‘It is indecent to make a gesture with your left hand alone, do not let your hand hang down as if lame or dead.“ —Thomas Betterton, 1700 Bang Bang Baroque […]

Emma Waltraud Howes · August 2021

Every morning I wake up to the snails. They are swept up in my Bang Bang Baroque (WIP) ‘It is indecent to make a gesture with your left hand alone, […]

Irina Baldini · Aug 2021

The work emerging from this month of residency at LAKE is rooted in a fluid methodology for choreographic improvisation (namely ATE, acronym for Accountable Temporary Expedients), developed first on myself […]

Rachell Bo Clark · June 2021

Forgetting Rainbows JUNE: *** Before I can reflect on what I am communicating through my gestures or speech, my body always already creates the feeling of being-with; it expresses itself […]

Azzie McCutcheon · June 2021

June 17th: introduction Hello all! I am a dance artist living and working in Berlin since 2015. Originally completing a BA in drama in the UK I shifted my focus […]

Fergus Johnson · June 2021

fergus johnson – A WEEK OF THEM …for A WEEK OF THEM, it’s about diving into the world of characters and personas… departing from rap – lyrical, textual but also […]

Katarzyna Brzezinska · Apr/May 2021

I am polish artist/performer/choreographer living and working in between Freiburg-Berlin-Kassel-Wroclaw(PL). My work in Lake Studios Berlin focuses on the research towards a production of a Project “HIN.n.WEIS”, which will continue […]

Hip Hop Tanz Theater / Bodypoet Method

with Kazuma Glen Motomura THURSDAYS 16:30-17:30 6-12 years old Unlike most hip hop classes where you only copy the instructor, this class offers tools and technique in an improvisational research […]

Katrine Staub Larsen (virtual resident) Apr/May 2021

Hello all, my name is Kat. I am a choreographer and dancer based in between Copenhagen and Berlin. Welcome to this blog following me and my work in Copenhagen whilst […]

Capoeira for children and adults

Capoeira ist ein afrobrasilianische Kampfkunst, deren Geschichte bis in die Zeit der Sklaverei zurückreicht. Sie verbindet gegensätzliche Aspekte wie Kampf und Tanz durch Koordination, Rhythmus und Musik auf spielerische Art […]

Kazuma Glen Motomura

(Japan/ Zimbabwe) combines Street dance, contemporary dance, martial arts and comedy, he is known as bodypoet. He trained various street dances and contemporary dance under masters in NY and Japan, […]

Christian Wagner

Christian works in schools and kindergardens as self employed sports teacher. He is practicing the Brasilian martial art of Capoeira for 8 years.  Besides general movement classes for children in […]

Meditation for Teens and Adults

with Nicole Richter Registration: 0175-2920313

Yogini Kids

Yoga is huge fun for children. It is a wonderful way to increase their own coordination and balance. In the yoga classes even the little ones manage to concentrate their […]

Nicole Richter

About me- my name is Nicole Richter. I have been married for 17 years and we live with our three children in beautiful Rahnsdorf. I came to yoga 15 years […]

Javier de La Rosa Sánchez, Georgia Bettens, & Dakota Comin · Apr/May 2021

“… a place where time can wait.” – Xavier Le Roy RESIDUE We are Georgia Bettens, Dakota Comín and Javier De La Rosa Sánchez. We are three Berlin based dancers […]

Mapped to the Closest Address · Maharu und Shuntaro // Hyogo · Violeta, Catalina und Alex // bErlin · Mar -Apr 2021

Unfinished friday_LAKE_9 april from Can-doc GbR on Vimeo. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// [09:14, 3/25/2077]: Puede ser un vídeo de dos personas, que caen lentamenteCaen y caen y caenCayendo eternamenteMientras, un gato las mira […]

Alice Chauchat, Antonija Livingstone, Siegmar Zacharias · Mar-Apr 2021

Alice to Siegmar – March 5th, 2021 dear babe,here a little retelling of what Tonija and I have being doing this week. Since the first day we’ve danced at least […]

Tian Rotteveel · Mar 2021


Gizem Aksu · Jan 11 – Feb 21

Goodbye Note Dear Lake Studios; Here is the last night, last session in big studio. The meaning of night, session, big, here are suddenly expanded now. Wauwww! Thank you for […]

Lois Alexander · Jan 11 – Feb 21

Pilotprojekt Residenz What if what I want from you is new, newly made a new sentence in response to all my questions, a swerve in our relation and the words […]

Anna Nowicka · Jan 11 – Feb 21

RAINBOW research with Aleksandr Prowaliński “Let there be light”; and there was light. *** What happens when the light is pulled out of the darkness? How does it differentiate forms […]

Mårten Spangberg · Dec 20 /Jan 21

Residenzpilotprojekt IT WAS POSSIBLE January 8, 2021 In an interview with Nicholas Serota from 2006 Gerhard Richter is asked how it at a certain moment happened that he started to […]

Amie Jammeh · Dec 20 – Jan 21

Nina Simone will forever be a true inspiration to me, both in life and in my art. the way she fought for rights of black people with everything in her […]

Michelle Moura · Dec 20 – Jan 21

Residenzpilotprojekt Hello! I’m Michelle Moura, dancer, performer, choreographer. At this residency I’m working on the piece Overtongue. I’m interested in bodily states, but in Overtongue I’m interested in words, in […]

Haneul Kang · Dec 2 – Feb 21

Residency bio As an actor, performance creator, musician, sound designer, and workshop leader, I have been creating performing arts.Therefore, I name my self as ‘performer-creator’. My keywords are ‘body’ ‘sense’ […]

Maria Coma · Vocal Roots Apr/May/Nov 2020

VOCAL ROOTS | Residency Autumn 2020 Nov 9th 2020 COMPOSTION: BODY AND SPACE, INSTRUMENT AND SCORE Getting into a very playful – unknown places where to compose from, I am […]

Emily Ranford – Dance-Tech Oct/Nov 2020

I am an Australian dancer/choreographer based in Berlin currently in residence at Lake Studios and TroikaTronix for the Tech Residency for a project in collaboration with creative coder and video […]

David Pallant – Dance-Tech Oct/Nov 2020

I am using the Dance-Tech residency to research into audio choreography, to create a non-visual work which can be experienced remotely via headphones. During the period of lockdown, as life […]

Fergus Johnson – Oct/Nov 2020

…THOUGHTS ON AN ENDING… so that’s it, the residency comes to a close, Unfinished Fridays finishes and it’s time for me to leave it was a beautiful evening they were […]

Sasha Portyannikova – September 2020

Handcrafted Digital Morphing This research is based on personal circumstances that became globally relevant.  In 2017 (i.e. long before COVID-19 outbreak) I and several of my close friends-colleagues started to […]

Sonya Levin – September 2020

We mothers We creatures We who drink and who let drink We who are weak and who leak sometimes We mothers wiping asses writing applications reading news Where our sons […]

Naïma Mazic / n ï m company- October/November 2020

During the Residency I am mostly working on my new piece PoLy-Mirrors, a re-performance of feminine diagonals that will premier on the 18th of March 2021 in Vienna at the […]

Jessy Tuddenham – Reconnect Residency. June & July 2020

My Lake Studios residency has been dedicated to developing a new solo. A dance and sound-score built on the shoulders of the experiments I have been doing in stand-up comedy […]

Maya M. Carroll & Roy Carroll (The Instrument) – July 2020

Since we started our residency at LAKE Studios, we’ve been creating a four-chapter piece called Field Scores. Each part in it is based on and evolves from listening to and […]

Emmilou Rößling – Reconnect Residency. June 2020

ARCHIVE OF DESCRIBED DANCES During my residency at the Lake Studios Berlin in June 2020 I asked colleagues to send me a dance of theirs that I would learn, audio […]

Yotam Peled – April & May 2020

I arrived in the Lake Studios in April to create a space for myself. It was not a conscious choice to enter a creation process, but to try and develop […]