ON DISPLAY online screening — Dec 14th, 18:00

video-documentations by:  Juni Chung, Alexandra Llorens, Gry Tingskog, and Omer Keinan  

ON DISPLAY – March 2022

Let’s start with one of the fruits of my residency labor … a trailer: My aim for the ON DISPLAY residency was first, to have a solid trailer and second, […]

Jessy Layne Tuddenham

Jessy here … I am busy with a practice that mainly revolves around writing — be it experimental short fiction to be read out loud, or trying to compose the […]


What lies between opera and the choreographic? How can we reshape the structures for how we hear through space and visuals? What happens to our oldest stories when they are […]


Sasha Amaya is working in dance, choreography, installation, and spatial design. Using the media of music, movement, dance, art history, collage, text, and architectural surrounds, she is particularly interested in […]


Maria Coma is singer, composer, performance artist and educator based in Berlin, with their roots between theCatalonia and Mallorca.Their work meets at the intersection of music, sound art, performance and […]

haunting with venus

 “haunting with venus” is a research project that works with themes of imperial lineage and colonial contracts, embodied and somatic practices, myth and storytelling, song and dance. The work aims […]

Nicola van Straaten

Nicola van Straaten is an artist, performer, writer and witch who was born in Durban and currently lives in Berlin. They are concerned with the psychosomatic and spiritual inheritances of […]

Zee & Chew’s residency

Discovering practice & pushing the limits of physicality. Zee as a movement artist delves into finding out what constitutes her artistic practice with Shaw as a dramaturg/outside eye. This residency […]

Zee Zunnur & Chew Shaw En

Zee Zunnur, born and raised in Singapore with roots within the UK and Australia scene, is a movement artist who currently dances for Hofesh Shechter Company (UK). With her strong foundations […]


PLURAL EYES is an open research process at the Lake Studios with PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) cameras, in which both the horizontal and vertical movement as well as the degree of magnification […]


Benjamin Krieg and Phillip Hohenwarter work independently and in various collaborations as video/film artists in the fields of performance, dance, theatre, visual arts, film and music. In close exchange with […]


The nostalgia of love carried forward in the body has great potential to energize and activate new pathways. Honesty and willpower become imperative in facilitating the strength that is necessary […]


Lynne Scharf grew up in a small town on the west side of the Hudson River not far from the bountiful influence of the New York City arts scene. She […]


coming soon!


Tamás Barkó (H) born blind. Since my youth I have been involved in various artistic forms. Since 2003 I have been an active performer in the Tánceánia Ensemble (H). -The complex […]


For the Lake Studio Residency, MD is developing a ritualistic practice that is in the budding stages of a new solo work. They are exploring a practice that questions gender liminal […]


MD is a neurodiverse, non-binary multi-disciplinary artist, careworker, community-based researcher, somatic educator and student living and working primarily on Turtle Island, in Tkaronto (Treaty 13). Their work centres on the […]

this body Is not completely mine

This body is not completely mine” is an apology to the sensitive body: a device that collects and shapes the information we receive, send and store. Our bodies are our […]

Dakota Comín

Dakota Comín is a contemporary dancer, teacher, and choreographer, graduated in 2013 in the Professional Conservatory of Dance of Valencia, Spain. She keeps on studying in Madrid between 2014 and […]

caring for strangers / HORIZON PROBLEMS

In this phase of research we started to create a fictional archive of earthly, contemporary, lived experiences and focused on modes of being with each other in choreographic and playful […]


Judith Försters works are situated on the shore of dance and visual arts. Her artistic research focuses of fractalized narration in dance, bridging live action role play with movement and […]

Carefree at the End of the World

“Carefree at the End of the World “ This is a work in progress performance based on my soon to be released single, “Carefree at the End of the World […]


Nicole Zaray is a multifaceted vocalist and movement, sound and video artist who is known for theatrical and mixed-media performances. She spent childhood years in the Lower East Side and […]

Anthropo+screen by products (episode iii)

Anthropo+Screen by-products (episode iii) Collaborative project with garment designer Alena Kudera www.kudera.co.uk Her garment collection made from waste materials is designed to give immersive, sensory experiences to dancers who improvise. Visually mesmerizing, grotesque yet […]


Mary Pearson is a performance maker, re-claimed dancer, former entertainer, and co-organiser. Her multi-disciplinary practice is rooted in improvisation and collaboration. Her projects ask complex and troubling social questions. In a hungry, […]


Bremen (DE) based, Leila Bakhtali is a dance artist working as a performer, choreographer and pedagogue (teaching dance and yoga classes) throughout Europe. After her training at Royal Ballet School […]


How it would sound like a landscape of decolonizing my voice and my body? Where, my voice andbody, have been colonized by academia, ancestry, identity, history…?Vocal Roots is a contemporary […]