Katya’s residency project

In collaboration with an art&science artist ::VTOL::, I will explore how asymmetrical, dissociative structures of the biopolitical noise stream hijack the body in an attempt to immobilise it. During the […]

Katya Volkova

Katya Volkova is an undisciplined artist, choreographer and performer, operating in Berlin. Her creative interests lie at the intersection of unconventional applications of dance, new technologies, sound art and community […]

Body Digital 3

Marlon Barrios Solano

Marlon Barrios Solano is an international interdisciplinary artist and researcher working at the intersection of software engineering, generative AI, creative coding, dance improvisation, and mindfulness. His work is expressed through […]

Digital Body 3.0 –Grietas– (Cracks)

César René Pérez

Mexican performer, stage director and manager graduated in theater from the Universidad Veracruzana (2013). His work sees in the body of experience the ground where scenic creation grows. As a […]

Body Digital No3

Vera Rivas

Mexican multidisciplinary stage researcher and creator. For almost a decade he has worked as a stage director, dramaturgist, performer and producer for pieces of dance, theater and performance. Founder of […]


Departing from the physical realm, in the Digital Body Lab n3, I am focusing on the meeting point of matter and the digital world. Not only as a place of […]

Dakota Comín.

Dakota Comín (she/her) – is a performer and dance maker based in Berlin. As a performer she collaborates with different choreographers and artists like Natalia Fernandes, Mårten Spånberg, Mey-ling Bisogno, Maite […]


I am deeply fascinated by the profound and multifaceted phenomenon of clowns and the various archetypes intricately woven into clown practice, particularly when expressed through the body and embodiment. In […]

Attila Andrasi

Attila Andrasi (UK/HU) is a graduate of the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance and holds an MFA in Choreography from Trinity Laban Conservatorie, where he received a Leverhulme Arts scholarship. […]

At Loose Ends (that connect on the other side)

It is an open research on the intersection of dramaturgical and choreographic methods of dancing the problem. After having been working with both staged works and compositions in real-time as […]

Polina Fenko

Polina Fenko, born in 1997 in Saint-Petersburg, is a dance artist and dance dramaturge currently based between Berlin and Amsterdam. She holds an MA in Contemporary Theatre, Dance and Dramaturgy […]

Unfinished Configurations | Odd Kins within a Thick Present

In this exploration, I aim to delve into the potentialities and affordances of generative artificial intelligence in sculpting a performance installation, where improvisational dance becomes an intrinsic element. At its […]

Marlon Barrios Solano

Marlon Barrios Solano is an international interdisciplinary artist and researcher with expertise in software engineering, generative AI, dance improvisation, and mindfulness. His varied portfolio encompasses AI-driven apps, digital therapeutics, web […]

Called something else (a memorial of names)

As the title suggests, this piece is a container and memorial for past versions of self, new identities and those who are no longer living, but are within us. Inspired by […]

Jenna Eve Taus

My work amplifies the vast abundance of emotions through choreographic and methodical play. I create systems for generating material in the form of movement and visual arts. I (re)collect and […]

A bit like a tree

“A bit like a tree” is a workshop that explores the relationship between the inside and the outside. Together and solo we will flow and play between the studio and […]

Cary Shiu, Katye Coe & Roni Katz

Born in Hong Kong, living in Berlin since 2019, Cary Shiu works as a freelance dancer performer. In recent years, he collaborated with Roni Katz, Felix Ruckert, Suet-Wa Tam, Lee […]

Saturn and The fool

Saturn is the name of a planet, also the god of Time in Roman mythology, being associated with Kronos, the Greek god of Time. The Fool (card number zero from […]

Rheremita Cera

Rheremita Cera sings poetry creating non-binary narratives inciting new pussybilities in the face of the mono-culture society we live in.Born in the peripheral Vila Císper, São Paulo – BR, 1995 […]

My hair smells like wet grass

The research is focused around the theme of memory and exploration of sensory part of the performative experience, of the flood of information we receive through smell, touch, vibration. We […]

Polina Sonis & Alina Belyagina

Polina Sonis is a dancer and performer with a degree in Arts & Philology. 2018-2020 she worked in Tel Aviv with Nimrod Freed Tami Dance Company, later was a dancer and […]

I don’t know Carmen

Departing from the encounter with the personal archive of a deceased person, Carmen Passols, the research explores presence and absence and its translation to dance. Together with the musician Andrés […]

Marcos Zoe Nacar

Marcos Nacar is a dance and performance artist with a background in more theoretical disciplines such as law and philosophy. He works mainly with movement and video, using poetry and […]

Flow vs Form: Words and Maps

During this residency I would like to deepen my research on the “in-between movement”. I will alternate my individual research with moments of sharing practices with other people. The work […]

Daniele Albanese_Compagnia Stalker

Daniele Albanese is a choreographer, dancer and performer based between Italy and Berlin.After having trained as a gymnast and ballet dancer, he obtained a BA at EDDC (now ArtEZ) inArnhem […]


ENCHANTED ISLANDS is a performance series, which explores the 1972 speechless pantomime “The Enchanted Island” by the Soviet queer poet Evgenii Kharitonov by addressing inter-species transformations, cross-dressings and gender fluidities. […]

Danila Lipatov & Karen Zimmermann

Danila Lipatov (*1989 in Moscow) and Karen Zimmermann (*1986 in Iserlohn) live and work in Berlin. They studied together at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne. Since 2017, Danila and […]

Profanation of Summer

Following the intertwined research between rhythm and dance to address the notion of sacrifice. The etymology of the word refers to the act of sacrificing something of value for a […]

Rocio Marano

Rocío Marano, Argentinian dancer and choreographer based in Berlin since 2014, has a diverse background in physical theatre, martial arts and contemporary dance. She has followed an independent training and […]

Trauerband Anemonen-Fisch

„Das Kind steht vor dem Spiegel. Es spielt Großvater. Es zieht sich den Joggingkörper an: Das Hüpfen. Das Arme locker an der Seite. Es zieht sich den Fußballkörper an: Das […]

Kirsten Burger, Franziska PackKirsten Burger & Rocío Rodríguez

Kirsten Burger works as a film and theatre director, writer and director of the young RambaZamba Theatre, Berlin. From 1996 -1998 she studied free arts with Prof. Adolf Frohner in […]

Eastern Body Vs. Western Body, and Beyond

What is my experience in my body as an Iranian body-holder? How is it different fromothers? How much these differences are connected to the living background, culture,education system, location, and […]


I was born and raised in a small city south east of Iran. Moved to the capital in 23, andafter going to many different direction including studying Architecture, doingphotography, having […]

Listening Bodies

Listening Bodies is a teaching and artistic framework developed by Italian choreographer and Movement Researcher Monica Gentile and American composer and sound artist Michael Reiley . Their work includes practices […]

Michael Reiley and Monica Gentile


Have you ever been in a situation where it seemed like people were in the same conversation but talking about different things? Languages can be confusing sometimes. In conversations, the […]

Pei-Ling Kao 

Pei-Ling Kao is a Taiwanese choreographer, dance educator, and performer. Since moving to the U.S. in 2007, she has been working with choreographers of different aesthetic frameworks, collaborating with interdisciplinary […]

Yahoo! Dance! #2 : The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions.

Yahoo! Dance! comes from a singular practice which involves taking headlines from Yahoo!News, an internet news feed, and using them as inspiration for eccentric dances, fake robots and bizarre conversations. […]

Pauline Payen

Pauline, Agnès a.k.a. Nghiêm, Yannie, Payen (or PAYP) ate a spider age 2. She/They work at the crossing of dance, performance, and visual arts. Pauline is particularly interested in paradoxes, voices, […]


Percussion: Matilda Rolfsson Dance: Marcela Giesche Matilda Rolfsson and Marcela Giesche first met in Berlin 2018, then in a trio together with Swedish pianist Sten Sandell) a- 45 min “carte- blanche” freely […]

Marcela Giesche & Matilda Rolfsson

Marcela Giesche  (1983, USA / DE), is a free-lance choreographer, performer, and teacher currently based in Berlin.  Her choreographic work is physical, sensitive, animalistic, and plays with shifting states and performativity.  When […]


Aw… addresses the topic of emotional discomfort and pain. It portrays a journey of identifying uncomfortable feelings in oneself and practicing strategies to help oneself. This practice that starts in […]

Inky Lee, Marie Yan & Makisig Akin

Inky Lee (they/them) is a multidisciplinary artist and a writer living in Berlin. Inky’s work focuses on amplifying the voices of marginalised individuals and communities. This interest initiated from untangling […]

The innumerable who

The object is, in some way, the simile that’s capable of containing the truth of the absent one that the other doesn’t have, even it is now right here. It’s […]

César René Pérez & Vera Rivas

César René Pérez Performer and stage director, graduated from the Universidad Veracruzana. His work insists on the body as the epicenter of stage creation. As a performer he has worked […]

wie Wolken

zwischen dem Himmel und der Erde,oder sowohl, als auch;wie zwei reisende Wolken oder alleswas wir uns wie Wolken vorstellenwas, wenn sie uns, unsere Liebsten und unsere Umgebung färben könnten… Choreografie: […]

Gizem Aksu

bio coming soon..


After studying a drama degree I moved to dance 12 years ago and left theatre behind. However in the last year an interest in working with character has emerged and […]

Azzie McCutcheon

Azzie McCutcheon is a Berlin based dance artist creating work as a dancer, choreographer, movement practitioner and teacher. Her work in the contemporary dance scene spans different performative styles and collaborations […]

Big Picture

Big Picture is a video installation consisting of a rotating video projection and a large-scale circular canvas, as a contemporary version of a 19th century panorama – the hugely popular entertainment […]

Magnus Pind

Magnus Pind is an artist and designer based in Copenhagen. Magnus works exclusively with found objects, which he changes into new forms and shapes using video projections, light and movement […]

house of cards (working title)

A perpetual creating, destroying, and balancing; of falling too far on one side and finding the way to the other, of destruction’s potency to create, of wavering between space and noise, of the lines we keep drawing, of entertaining the […]

Yasmine Lindskog Visanko

Yasmine Lindskog Visanko is a dance artist and improviser based in Brussels, Belgium. Her artistic research is often rooted in dynamic systems, heightened states of consciousness, the-more-than-human world, place, the […]


To be in a state of outward expression, to give, to release, to show, to find solace in a triangle.Myself, a shape, moving with shapes, seeing them everywhere.

Sophie Holmes (she/her)

Sophie Holmes is a performance, dance and interdisciplinary artist from Upstate New York, whohas been traveling the US, and now Germany, engaging with artistic process and communities.She holds a BFA […]

Between the lines

In this research project we set out to investigate the concepts of orientation and disorientation as bodily processes in continuous unfolding. Through our own movement  practices and a detailed study […]

Ana Laura Lozza & Bárbara Hang

Ana Laura Lozza & Bárbara Hang are a performing artist duo. They develop their choreographic and dance work together moving across the fields of education, dramaturgy, curating and writing. In […]

Jess & erika’s residency

As interdisciplinary collaborative artists, we are shaping a mixed-media installation exploring the (re)combining of disparate and unique memories, moments, experiences, conversations, and stories to form new wholes. We are shaping […]

Jess Pierce & erika roos

erika is a mixed-discipline artist working across contemporary dance, performance-making, emergent media, language, and design to investigate in-betweenness, ambiguity, and fluidity; the interdependence of fear, desire, vulnerability, and (non)(be)longing; and […]

dance and wrapping 

In this research I will try to give attention to the dancer’s work (often invisible), by finding a form that makes it perceivable.  In order to look at this I […]

Hanako Hayakawa

Hanako is a Japanese dancer and dance maker currently based in Berlin, Brussels, and Tokyo. She studied in Tama art University where she majored in Performing Arts mentored by Saburo […]

space as material

My curiosity for the residency „space as material“ is to look at how encounters with the empty space between the things can be the inspiration and the source material for […]

Hannah Schillinger

Hannah Schillinger is a choreographer, dancer and artist based in Berlin. She studied BA Modern Theatre Dance at the AHK Amsterdam and danced in the ensemble of the dance company ICK […]

ALBUM, subjectivity of a jazzmuse

ALBUM, subjectivity of a Jazzmuse is a performance by one dancer, one musician and a record player, based on Jazztunes composed by- or named after Jazzmusician’s wives. ALBUM will consist […]

Naïma Mazic / n ï m company 

Naïma Mazić founded the Austrian association more2rhythm and the international company n ï m in 2016. In 2018/19 she was choreographer in residence at K3 Tanzplan Hamburg/Kampnagel and has an […]


warp is a sensorial choreographic experience in the dark. Four performers move with reflex weaves that respond to touch by making sound, in a soundscape panning in-between eight speakers. What unfolds […]

Gry Tingskog

Gry Tingskog (they/them) works with choreography through perception, bodies, crafted objects, technology, light, sound and text. Approaching these as materials rather than tools, Gry explores choreographies that could produce other […]

 Chōri(調理/조리) Dance

Chōri means cooking in both Korea and Japanese. This is part of a long-term collaboration project with two Japanese artist (Maharu Maeno, Shuntaro Yoshida) and cooking is used as a […]

Yuni (Hoa Yun) Chung

Yuni (Hoa Yun) Chung is a visual artist based in Berlin, works with object, drawing, performance, video, sound and text. She studied literature and visual arts in South Korea, and […]


Azathoth is a meditation on the elation and horror of the unknowable, contemplating creation through chaos. The practitioners – movers and musicians alike – embody individual journeys within a collective […]

Omer Keinan

Omer Keinan (Israel, 1997) is a performance artist and scholar. He received a diploma in choreography from the International Choreographic Exchange postgraduate program at SEAD Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance […]


Alexandra Llorens’ solo dance piece DREAM is based on her research and interest in the function of dreams and the theory that dreams are based on our own reality. One […]

Alexandra Llorens

Alexandra Llorens was born in France in 1991. She studied dance at the CCN of Roubaix, at the University Lille 3, at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen […]

A confrontation with – the unredeemable – time

(time as a possibility and as a challenge) Main focus of the current time given in the residence lies in the research process: Timegiven to work at the studio, deconstruct […]

Dafne Narvaez Berlfein

Dafne Narvaez Berlfein is an artist & researcher born in Quito, Ecuador. Her artistic andacademic practices are based on multi- and interdisciplinary collaborative processes from anintersectional perspective.Through Film, videotape field-recordings, […]

unchartered property

unchartered property‘ (WT) is a project by BNSL studio and Aaron Lang, in which a dancer and an AI-based setup meet.  In a performative installation, in which the setup constantly […]

Aaron Lang

Aaron Lang is a dancer and creator based in Berlin. With a background in Architecture and Sociology he works with movement through improvisation and state work in an interdisciplinary setting. […]

storm’s residency

This month at Lake Studios, marion storm is doing two things at once – researching site-responsivity as a method for dancing + re-working a long poem called “Exit Thru the […]

marion storm

marion storm is a dance artist based in Montpellier, France. storm’s dance projects have been presented by Exponential Festival, AUNTS, La Mama Moves! Festival, and Brooklyn Art Book Festival, at […]

 Songs we remember

Songs we remember is the process of Kaja and Armin’s study of these weeks at Lake Studios. When devices are put aside and songs are a horizen in which we […]

Armin Hokmi

Armin Hokmi is involved within the performance realm between theater and dance. Working through text, dances and choreographies, recent works include Passages (2019), Public Dance, Permutable Stage (2021) and International […]

The Climate, The Worry, The Dance 

The project The Climate, The Worry, The Dance is a long-term collective research project addressing relations between climate anxiety, dance and the possibility to generate forms of social ecologies based […]

Mårten Spångberg

Mårten Spångberg is an interdisciplinary artist and thinker living and working in Berlin. He is currently working on a larger-scale research project around improvisation and its possible affiliations with interspecies […]

Water dramaturgies as methods of connecting across distance

Since 2015, I’ve been experimenting with water dramaturgies, developing performance-making and writing methodologies that take water as formal inspiration and writing critically about site-specificity and the hyper-local, asking: What happens […]

Cory Tamler

Cory Tamler is a writer, dramaturg, interdisciplinary artist/scholar, and translator. She is a member of In Kinship Collective. Her book A Permanent Parliament: Notes on Social Choregraphy was published in 2022 by Segal Center Publications/The […]

Fire Burns Fire

Fogo Quema Fogo is a research between Gabriela Cordovez and Dani Paiva de Miranda: Possibly we will achieve immortality, but it will have been at the price of life. Whoever […]

Dani Paiva de Miranda 

cntrl copy cntrl paste:I am an __ and an __ (__, __).My works to date include __, __, __ , __, and __.  this is a reference to, ____.My most […]

Many Lives

Many Lives is a dynamic interplay between two performers who sporadically switch roles of director and directed using poetic and non-rational logics in order to access surprising and energetic states of […]

Jorge De Hoyos & Kira Kirsch

Jorge De Hoyos (Los Angeles, 1984) is a U.S. American dancer and choreographer based in Berlin since 2012. He studied Cultural Anthropology at the University of California at Santa Cruz and […]


Marlon Barrios Solano is an international interdisciplinary artist and researcher working at the intersection of software engineering, generative AI, creative coding, dance improvisation, and mindfulness. His work is expressed through […]