HEAR & NOW* Play Sessions

UPCOMING JAM SESSION: 15 December 2023, 19.00 – 21.00 For dancers & jazz / creative improvising musicians  led by Naïma Mazic donation based, min. 3€for further information and sign up:  With […]

Marlon Barrios Solano

Marlon started meditating at the Village Zendo in NYC with Sensei Enkio O’hara in 1997 and shifted to practicing vipassana meditation at Insight Meditation Society in 2009. Since 2016, he […]

Meditation Offerings

Rooted in the early Buddhist tradition of Insight Meditation, Marlon Barrios Solano holds space for daily meditations, mindful discussions, and day long retreats. Mindful Mornings Group meditation, Monday through Friday […]

Mindful Day-long Retreat — December 2, 10-15h

Join us for a day-long meditation retreat led by Marlon Barrios Solano.

Birth Stories — December 3, 17-22h

Workshop, jam, and sauna on sense, touch, sound, movement. With Moss Beynon Juckes & Rosalind Holgate Smith.

STREAMS. Catching Caches. — Dec 9th & 10th

Special performance by and with Julia Novacek, Artemiy Shokin, Clara Reiner, Eni Brandner, Monika Schmatzberger & Sara Trawöger

HEAR & NOW* Play Sessions

for dancers & jazz/creative musicians — next play session on 15 December 2023, 19.00 – 21.00.

Mindful Mornings

Join us during November and December for early morning meditation. Sessions led by Marlon Barrios Solano.

Lisa Gaden

Lisa lebt und arbeitet in Berlin – immer und überall auf leidenschaftlicher Bewegungssuche,- Findung und Erfindung. Nach einer dreijährigen Bühnentanzausbildung bei DANCEWORKS Berlin studierte sie zeitgenössischen Tanz am Anton Bruckner […]

SENSE & DANCE — Zeitgenössischer Tanz

In each class we enter the journey into anatomical body structures. Zooming in and out into Muscles, Fascia, Organs, Meridians and Triggerpoints we will find our way from the perceived […]

Feral Encounters — 9 & 10 September

Exploring dance and performance art practices devoted to a sensorial approach to other-than-human people.

Workshop + Potluck, 29 AUGUST

Earth Magic, Earth Healing with Starhawk

mov*ed – IMPULSTAGE, 10-14 September

A 5-day forum open to Berlin based movement and dance educators interested in exchange and research.

Unfinished Fridays Vol. 104 — 17 November, 19:30

Save the date! Our next monthly performance event, featuring new works/excerpts by LAKE resident artists and special guests.

Workshop: A Bit Like a Tree — 10 AUGUST

Movement, garden, lake, shared food and somatic experiences. A day of encounters at the LAKE.

OPEN CALL — Unfinished Fridays Vol 91-100

We are looking for dance and performance artists who would like to present their work-in-progress during our 10 Year Anniversary Festival from 20 June-1 July, 2023. Application DEADLINE 8.04.23

OPEN CALL — Unfinished Fridays JUNIOR

A paid residency and performance opportunity that inspires artists to try their hand at creating work for young audiences. Application DEADLINE 8.04.23

10 Year Anniversary Festival — 20.06-02.07.23

Photo impressions of the festival coming soon!

Unfinished Fridays Vol. 86 — 16 DECEMBER, 19:30

Join us for our next monthly performance event — featuring new duets and solos.

Shared Practice — Mon, Wed & Fri 9:30-11:00

Our morning movement research sessions with guest teachers and LAKE resident artists. 

Visit Our AI Infused Super Blog

A project of Body Digital n.3 (2023), this blog is chock full of videos, musings, metafictions, decoded rituals, and our own chat bot!


Dig into the Digital Body 2022 archives for behind-the-scene impressions of the lab and residencies.


The Artist’s Blog is where LAKE Resident Artists open their process to the public with writings, images and videos.

Doreen Wagner

Artist and painter, based in Berlin. Certified Dance Educator. www.doreenwagner.net ~ inspired by the dance of (inner) nature

Move & Create(u)res: Kindertanz/Kreativstunde

Combining dance, movement and creativity, these classes guide children to get to know themselves and their bodies through exploration and play. Move the body – feel the body. Energy released […]


Maria studied Greek Philology at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and Modern Greek Literature & Culture (MFA) at Freie Universität Berlin. Her interests travel between literature and theatre. She has been […]


Olga is a dancer/performer and production manager/financial supervisor. She studied Classical Philology in Barcelona and worked as a high school teacher before turning to dance full-time. As a dancer, she […]


Jessy is a dancer, writer and performer with over twenty years’ experience performing in Europe and the Americas. She is the host of Landscaping, a recurring broadcast of contemplative fiction, […]

Precarity is not a Lady’s Name

(Roughly) 86 (collectively sourced) steps towards an ideal cultural economy (ecology)** 

**Inspired by the 2016 handbook on how to ‘Become the ideal cultural worker in 86 steps’ – a performance-text that was part of Choreographing Calculation (2012) that premiered at the […]

Some Unresolved Questions

ABOUT DANCE — Forming Futures, Vol 2 on Work & Play (Do we) how do we teach the ability to play?  What is the role of art in society? Is […]


ABOUT DANCE — Forming Futures, Vol 1 on Ecology  Ahmed, Sara. 2006. Queer Phenomenology: Orientations, Objects, Others. Duke University Press.  Bateson, Gregory. 2000 [1972]. Steps to an Ecology of Mind. […]

ABOUT DANCE  — forming futures, Vol 3 on Artistic Curation

The framing question for ABOUT DANCE, Vol 3 was, “What Do We Need?” Over the course of two days this question provided the guiding thread for an exploration of the […]

ABOUT DANCE — Forming Futures, Vol 4 on Collective Retrospection

For the fourth volume of ABOUT DANCE — Forming Futures we gathered in Lake Studios Garden to reflect, discuss, dance and meditate about the preceding one and a half years […]

ABOUT DANCE — forming futures, Vol 5 on Pain & Care 

The final ABOUT DANCE weekend of 2021, hosted by Jeremy Wade and a cast of colorful characters, took a unique approach to the forum structure. The first day took on […]

ABOUT DANCE — Forming Futures, Vol 2 on Work & Play

The ABOUT DANCE, Vol 2 participants spent two days discussing labor, work, play, virtuosity, and new tenets for an ideal cultural economy. Prompted into various forms of dialogue by forum […]

ABOUT DANCE — Forming Futures, Vol 1 on Ecology 

Introduction  In calling forth the future of dance, the first About Dance forum included six speakers, Zooming in from six distant locations — oracles, if you will. The forum’s moderators […]