Some Unresolved Questions

ABOUT DANCE — Forming Futures, Vol 2 on Work & Play

(Do we) how do we teach the ability to play? 

What is the role of art in society? Is the artist working, playing, growing during all of life? 

How should I find my own voice in a pre-determined theme festival open call? 

Navigating the Desire (and need) to reject the principle of work-wage while being paid enough to survive? 

How to keeping (the freedom) reflecting the social and political emerging questions of our collective time? 

How to quantify the impact of the artistic/choreographic work? 

What kind of work, artistic activity could matter? Where? For whom? 

What collecive projects can we undertake to establish more ethical work projects? 

How can I, and do I, want to enter the arts/dance industry and how can I do it? 

Bridge between “community” and “industry”, between “ritual” and “traditional/structural” spaces. 

How to have time to practice a lot, rehearse less and perform more? 

Should one expect to survive (financially) from art work alone?